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mood music for a vampire and a ghost to get down to (mitchell/annie)

vampghost sexy times.zip
(mp3, zip, 65mb, 14 songs)

01. Tori Amos - Body and Soul - download

'cause I think you're wrong
these devils of yours they need love

02. Portishead - All Mine - download

All the stars may shine bright
All the clouds may be white
But when you smile
Ohh how I feel so good
That I can hardly wait
To hold you
Enfold you
Never enough
Render your heart to me
All mine...
You have to be

03. Florence and the Machine - Howl - download

The fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress
Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest

04. Bat for Lashes - Strangelove - download

There'll be times
When my crimes
Will seem almost unforgivable
I give in to sin
Because you have to make this life liveable
But when you think I've had enough
From your sea of love
I'll take more than another river full
Yes, I'll make it all worthwhile
I'll make your heart smile

05. Client - Pornography - download

And I love the way you talk to me
And I love your own philosophy
And I love the way that you want it too
This is our time, I can't refuse
It's you and me monogamy
Just you and me pornography

06. Sarah Fimm - Lioness - download

And how about I circle you
Like a Lioness
Licking her paws
Use your hands
Discover Me

07. Britney Spears - Breathe on Me - download

Our imagination, taking us to places
We have never been before
Take me in, let it out
Don't even need to touch me
Baby, just breathe on me

08. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - If You Want Me - download

If you want me, satisfy me

09. The Kills - Getting Down - download

I'm getting down with the kisses and cross-stitches on it
I'm getting down with it

10. Lykke Li - Get Some - download

Go ahead, go way low, where I can do no harm
Go ahead, go way low in my honey lovin' arms
Go ahead, go way low, where I can do no wrong
Got you around my finger like a lonely lover's charm

11. Desert Sessions - Powdered Wig Machine - download

Come on
Take off your mask
Come on
Your mask, kiss me

12. Goldfrapp - Strict Machine - download

When you send me a pulse
Feel a wave of new love
Through me
I'm dressed in white noise
You know just what I want
So please

13. Charlotte Martin - Keep Me In Your Pocket - download

Sink your
Teeth into the taste of me and
Squeeze hard
'Til you can feel me splitting and you
Want more
You I want you, know I wanted more

14. Auf Der Maur - Taste You - download

Please shake me and tug,
I need shaking my love
Can’t you be the one?
I can't fake it my love,
I need filling come on,
I need it louder than bombs

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